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In the same letter, speaking of a young Indian, who had eagerly said to her that 鈥榯he Bible is the light of our eyes, and the root of our faith,鈥 she sadly remarked that it was 鈥榓lmost sickening鈥 to think what the young Muhammadan 鈥榳ould have to endure, did he openly confess Christ,鈥欌€攅ven while earnestly hoping that he would be constrained 鈥榖y the cords of love鈥 to leave all and come forward.

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Miss Murdstone shut her eyes, and disdainfully inclined her head; then, slowly opening her eyes, resumed:

SPECIMENS LISTED BY CUSTOMS AND EXCISE Now Goldfinger was crossing the floor towards him. Bond lowered his paper and looked up. Goldfinger was carrying the ginger cat tucked carelessly under one arm. He reached the fireplace, bent forward and pressed the bell. 'Nothing!' exclaimed Mrs. Markleham. 'Me, nothing! The child has taken leave of her senses. Please to get me a glass of water!'

Then you go round in circles for a while, and finally say, 'Gee, I'd like

'In the course of the week,' said Miss Clarissa, 'we shall be happy to see Mr. Copperfield to tea. Our hour is half-past six.'

In every land the servants of the light were heartened. The servants of darkness were bewildered and anxious. Here and there throughout the two great empires brave attempts were made to copy the Tibetan experiment. Here and there, notably in Britain, the party of the light organized an armed rebellion.