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Every now and then I glanced across the room. Always the thin man's eyes were on me, old in crime and its counter-moves, knowing what was in my mind, what defenses I was preparing. I sensed this, but I went on with my little preparations, thinking, as I Lad at the English school, When they hurt me, and I know they're meaning to hurt me, I must somehow hurt them back. When they get me, rape me, kill me, they mustn't find it easy.

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The chief range officer handed Bond a record of his shoot-two sighting shots and then ten rounds at each hundred yards up to five hundred. "Damned good firing with this visibility. You ought to come back next year and have a bash at the Queen's Prize. It's open to all comers nowadays-British Commonwealth, that is."

There was silence in the room. Bond looked at his fingernails. ??????Cou'd we but learn of thee, 'Sir,' said Mr. Micawber, 'I rejoice to reply that they are, likewise, in the enjoyment of salubrity.'

At ten minutes to eleven, Irma Bunt came for him. After an exchange of affabilities, Bond gathered up an armful of books and papers and followed her round the back of the club building and along a narrow, well-trodden path past a sign that said PRIVAT. EINTRITT VERBOTEN.

When I heard these words, a light began to fall upon the figure I had seen following them, some hours ago.

Need proof? Think of the last time you were withsomeone who stood with her arms crossed, tappingher foot and looking annoyed, and then huffed the words"I'm fine." Which clues did you believe—the words orthe body language and tone of voice? Physical messagesoften send a much louder message than spoken words.