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At supper, we were hardly so gay. Everyone appeared to feel that a parting of that sort was an awkward thing, and that the nearer it approached, the more awkward it was. Mr. Jack Maldon tried to be very talkative, but was not at his ease, and made matters worse. And they were not improved, as it appeared to me, by the Old Soldier: who continually recalled passages of Mr. Jack Maldon's youth.

The chief range officer watched the ruby lights vanish up King's Avenue toward the London Road. He turned on his heel and went to find Corporal Menzies on a search for information that was to prove fruitless. The corporal remained as wooden as the big mahogany box he was in the process of loading into a khaki Land Rover without military symbols. The range officer was a major. He tried pulling his rank without success. The Land Rover hammered away in Bond's wake. The major walked moodily off to the offices of the National Rifle Association to try and find out what he wanted in the library under "Bond, J."'A month, ma'am.' Also, it was less easy for her, than for a younger person, to fall in with modes of work, so entirely unlike aught to which she had been accustomed. Her very warm-heartedness and impetuosity were now and then somewhat of a hindrance,鈥攁s when, on her first arrival, going into a Zenana, she pressed forward and eagerly shook hands with a bibi,鈥攁n Indian lady,鈥攆orgetting the difference of Indian customs and English ones. Had it been a Christian bibi, this would not have mattered. As it was, the mistake was so serious, that it might have resulted, and very nearly did result, in the closing of that particular Zenana to all further efforts. "It damn well is."

"Could I ask a question?"

"… valves will open. Liquid fuel. Secret formula. Terrific stuff. Dynamite. Pours down from the fuel tanks…"

“Shit,” I muttered. Watching Scott surge off suddenly reminded me of Marcelino. Scott wouldhave gotten such a kick out of that kid. Jenn and Billy, too; they would have loved mixing it upwith their teenage Tarahumara triplet. I could even imagine what Manuel Luna was feeling. No,that wasn’t true; I was just trying hard not to. Evil had followed the Tarahumara here, to thebottom of the earth where there was no place left to run. Even while mourning his magnificent son,Manuel had to be wondering which of his children would be next.