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The days passed by. Zina?da became stranger and stranger, and more and more incomprehensible. One day I went over to her, and saw her sitting in a basket-chair, her head pressed to the sharp edge of the table. She drew herself up . . . her whole face was wet with tears.

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He had a way of writhing when he wanted to express enthusiasm, which was very ugly; and which diverted my attention from the compliment he had paid my relation, to the snaky twistings of his throat and body. Although he did not feel like talking when I met him, Andy — never publicity-shy — agreed to a telephone interview at a later date. Reached at the offices of his Interview magazine off union Square, he answered all my questions briefly, and in a voice so low that he could barely be heard.   I shuffled over to Salvador. “Is he coming back?” 'It was rather instinctive. I just thought you'd have no idea what had happened to me and I was terrified. I did the first thing I could think of.'

Bond climbed out of the plane with the handful of pale, silent passengers and walked across to the transit lounge and up to the bar. He ordered a tumbler of Ouzo and drank it down and chased it with a mouthful of ice water. There was a strong bite under the sickly anisette taste and Bond felt the drink light a quick, small fire down his throat and in his stomach. He put down his glass and ordered another.

'I say,' growled Mr. Barkis, 'it was all right.'

Drax pressed the button beneath the notice and there was the muffled clang of an alarm bell. "Might be somebody working with oxy-acetylene or doing some other delicate job," he explained. "Take his mind off his job for a split second as somebody comes in and you could have an expensive mistake. Everybody downs tools when the bell rings and then starts up again when they see what it is." Drax stood away from the door and pointed upwards to a row of four-foot wide gratings just below the top of the wall. "Ventilator shafts," he explained. "Air conditioned inside to 70 degrees."

She remained on the same spot, though the darkness thickened around her, till there was scarce a ray of even twilight left.