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Sebastião Matsinhe & Tony Paco Presents COLOURFUL LEAP in Pemba Print E-mail


Sebastião Matsinhe & Toni Paco 2008

The Mozambican artists (painters), Sebastião Matsinhe & Toni Paco which are residing in Cape Town – South Africa -  they are traveling to their home land – Mozambique – to present from the 12th up to 26th of December 2008, painting exhibition entitled Salto Colorido (Colourful Leap) at Pemba Beach Hotel, in Pemba city, Cabo Delgado ( northern province of Mozambique).

Pachinuapa & Toni Paco/ 2008 Guguiane Pachinuapa & Sebastião Matsinhe/2008

Salto Colorido (Colourful Leap) is an art project organized by Guguiane Pachinuapa in coordination with the Mozambican painters Sebastião Matsinhe & Toni Paco, on which the objective is to promote art and give on one hand, a chance to vulnerable children in particular, the younger artists, to work together and valorize their artistic creativity; while on the other hand, it is to give opportunity to the Mozambique companies in the provinces to expand their support for cultural activities towards thereby adding value to the national artists and their artworks in other parts of the country.

Though Destiny is Unforeseeable, but the Bet is to Win! Print E-mail
In simultaneous with the Medioteca of the BCI-Fomento; Espaço Joaquim Chissano, Sebastião Matsinhe presents at Mozambican Association of Photography (AMF), in Maputo with his art friends, one exclusive collective exhibition named A NKONGOMETO a wu potseki,... kanilezi a phikizo ku hlula! (Though Destiny is Unforeseeable, but the Bet is to Win!), in 23rd May up to 01st June. The exhibition is a closing event of Matsinhe’s festive of his tenth artistic anniversary. The show will carry 40 artworks in between sculptors and paintings.
KANIMAMBO (Grateful) Print E-mail
Sebastião Matsinhe, exhibit his paintings at Mediateca of the BCI-Fomento – Espaço Joaquim Chissano – in Maputo, from 22nd – 29th of May, 2008 this is his 9th solo entitled KANIMAMBO (Grateful). The event is composed by 20 artworks. The exhibition its incorporated at Matsinhe’s 10th Aniversáry. 
Kuhleketa (Reflection) Print E-mail

These pictures taken during the exhibition Kuhleketa (Reflection), presented at Cambine, in Inhambane province, Mozambique, illustrates how Matsinhe is admired within the world of art for his creativity and ability to paint. On every exhibition presented, his artworks have been the reason why people of all backgrounds are willing to witness and purchase his paintings. Thus his admirers and prominent people hope that Sebastião Matsinhe will always keep this flame burning in the world of art; (Photograph by António Wilson /2007).

Exhibition Print E-mail
On the right, are a few of Matisinhe´s paintings in an exhibition in July 2007. The event was highly appreciated and admired by most people who went to the Associação Moçambicana de Fotográfica (Mozambican Photography Association), in Maputo-Mozambique.
Jesus’ Life on Earth Print E-mail

Over the last decade, of the 20th century and at the first decade of XXI, Sebastião Matsinhe has produced countless paintings, as well as several Christmas cards and postcards. One of the works, which remains closest to his heart, is Jesus’ Life on Earth, a massive 11m x 68cm composition that he offered to the United Methodist Church in Mozambique (at Malanga Parish, in Maputo), in 1998 to which he is a member.