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Sebastião Matsinhe is a native of Mozambique, born in Cambine-Inhambane Province. He grew up in the city of Maputo; Mozambican capital, where he completed his high school education under the formal colonial education system.

A sport was Sebastião’s first love. He practiced gymnastics, basketball, and athletics first as a student and later as member of the Clube de Desportos da Costa do Sol (Costa do Sol Sports Club) of Maputo. His talent was quickly recognized, and in 1984 was selected to participate in the junior national athletics championship in Beira City. Unfortunately, his promising career was cut short in January of 1985, when he was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. This forced him to abandon athletics. Matsinhe moved to South Africa and then to Portugal to receive medical treatment.


“…Though destiny is unforeseeable, but the bet is to win!”

Sebastião Matsinhe dealt with this cruel change of the fate by turning to art, which was influenced in his primary and Secondary school years by his colleague and friend Mário Tique. Then the art of painting became a means of self-expression. In 1986, by the hand of Dr Augusto Cabral’s son Rui, Dr Cabral sees Matsinhe’s artworks and advises him to expose publicly in exhibitions his painting.

Mário Tique with Sebastião Matsinhe/  Fotography,  2007-Maputo

Solo Exhibitions

Thus in 1997, Sebastião Matsinhe, presented his first solo exhibition, entitled Thirty Years After, in Cambine, Inhambane province, Mozambique. This was followed by Men’s Prints (1998) and Third Degree (1999). Both solo exhibitions took place in the Associação Moçambicana de Fotográfia (Mozambican Photography Association), in Maputo; and Tumbunuko wa Kuhanya (Logic of Life) was Matsinhe’s fourth solo showing, presented in 2004, at Centro Cultural Franco Moçambicano (Mozambican Franc Cultural Centre), in Maputo-Mozambique. In 2005, at the University of the Western Cape, during his BA graduation, he presented the fifth solo exhibition entitled Hand in Hand. In September, 2006 he presented the sixth solo exhibition at the BMW’s head office by their invitation;

 From April 17th, 2007 up to May 2008, Sebastião Matsinhe, took the celebration in South Africa (Cape Town) and in Mozambique (Maputo & Inhambane) respectively, his Tenth Anniversary as a painter. To begin the festivities, Matsinhe presented to South African public (April 17th, 2008) a solo exhibition at International ITHUBA - Arts Festival of the students at the University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa. Sebastião Matsinhe, in July 2007, presented at the AMF his seventh solo exhibition entitled Retrospective Cry.  Sebastião Matsinhe also presented on the 06 – 09 of December, 2007 also at the United Methodist Annual Conference Church, his 8th solo exhibition entitled Kuehleketa (Reflexão), Cambine – Inhambane, at his home land as a way of persuade the new comer artists to valorize the roots of our African culture.

 On the 22nd of May, 2008 as a form of closing the celebration of his Tenth Anniversary as a painter, Sebastião Matsinhe presented his 9th solo exhibition entitled Kanimambo (Obliged), at BCI-Fomento, in Maputo. The event was a way to thank and pay homage to all the people who gave support in the past, those that have continued to give even more of it as well as those following his footsteps until today. For the most part the exhibition was meant to serve the purpose of expressing gratitude to the media in general, in Mozambique and abroad, for their endeavours of covering Matsinhe’s daily effort and experiences in the way they did and still do. Not forgetting all the people and institutions involved in sponsoring his exhibitions and to those who bought his art works (paintings) and continue to do so.

Collaborative Efforts

In addition to solo shows, Matsinhe has also participated in several collaborative efforts, including a benefit of flood victims, (2000). This includes a joint exhibition with Toni Paco, entitled Discovery, in Maputo (2003) and an exhibition at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, (2001; 2002 & 2004) where Matsinhe is currently a student. He also presented an exhibition named Unity (Unidade) with Xavier Mbeve at Constantia in Cape Town, on the 25th June, 2002, Mozambican Independence Day. In July, 2004, Sebastião Matsinhe and Chica Sáles presented an exhibition entitled Fragment of Colours at Baxter Theatre, Rondebosh; Cape Town. In November 2006, Sebastião Matsinhe together with Valter Zandamela (Zand), presented at Hotel Avenida an exhibition entitled Homenagem à um Homem (Man’s Homage) in Augusto Cabral memory, a man whom contributed for the artistic development of Sebastião Matsinhe and for the arts in Mozambique.

From left to right: Toni Paco; John Forna; Sebastião Matsinhe;  Walter Zand; Augusto Sambo and Vovos/ Photography taken in Maputo 2008.

Sebastião Matsinhe & Mário Tique within the context of Matsinhe’s Tenth Anniversary as a painter, presented an exhibition entitled Kunwayita (Smile) at Hotel Avenida (Avenida Hotel), from 19th – 27th, October 2007, in Maputo – Mozambique. Then on the 23rd May up to 01st June, 2008 within the context of closing the commemoration of his Tenth Anniversary as a painter simultaneously with BCI-Fomento, Sebastião Matsinhe presented with his art friends - Mário Tique; Toni Paco; John Forna; Carlos Fornazini; Walter Zand; Augusto Sambo e Vovos -  a collective exhibition named Nkongomento (Destiny), at AFM, in Maputo – Mozambique.

From left to right; Dito, Sebastião Matsinhe, Simões and Idasse Tembe during the exhibition entitled Childrean are the Future, at Artscape, Cape Town – Africa do Sul/2008.

Then from the 25th up to 30th June, 2008, Sebastião Matsinhe presented together with a few other Mozambican artists, Idasse Tembe; Dito; Felecita; Chica Sáles; Mário Tique; Forna; Simões e N’Dlozy, a collective exhibition entitled Children are the Future, at the ARTSCAPE, Cape Town, South Africa.

Sebastião Matsinhe with the musission Dino Miranda, in Cape Town, 2007


Additional Works

Over the last two decades, of the 20th century and at the first decade of 21st, Sebastião Matsinhe has produced countless paintings, as well as several Christmas cards and postcards. One of the works, which remains closest to his heart, is Jesus’ Life on Earth, a massive 11m x 68cm composition that he offered to the United Methodist Church (at Malanga Parish in Maputo) in Mozambique, in 1998 to which he is a member.  Some of the rights of his artworks were purchased to be on the books of South African authors and on the short movies. 

For the first time, in July 2004, Sebastião Matsinhe & Júlio Sigaúque, presented the fusion paintings & music in the musical concert entitled Tumbunuko wa Kuhanya (Logic of Life), at Centro Cultural Franco Moçambicano, in Maputo. On the following year, July 08th, 2005, Matsinhe & Sigaúque, presented Tumbunuko wa Kuhanya (Logic of Life), at “Teatro Avenida,” in Maputo-Mozambique and, on the 28th at the University of the Western Cape, in Cape Town - South Africa, respectively. In 17th April, 2007, Tumbunuko wa Kuhanya (Logic of Life) was presented by the two artists at Ithuba Arts Festival, at the University of the Western Cape. They hope that this infusion of image and sound provided the guests with a unique and memorable experience.

In Maputo, (02nd November, 2008) at Teatro Avenida, Sebastião Matsinhe launches is own website: www.artsmatsinhe.com ; where the Mozambican musician Dino Miranda was entertaining the demonstration.

Sebastião Matsinhe & Tony Paco, in Cape Town, 2008

From the 12th up to 26th of December 2008, Sebastião Matsinhe & Toni Paco presents painting exhibition entitled Salto Colorido (Colourful Jump) at Beach Hotel, in Pemba city, Cabo Delgado province at the north of Mozambique.


 Salto Colorido (Colourful Jump) is an art project thought and organized by Guguiane Pachinuapa in coordination with the Mozambican painters Sebastião Matsinhe & Tony Paco, on which the objective is to promote art and give on one hand, a chance to vulnerable children in particular, the younger artists, to work together and valorize their artistic creativity; while on the other hand, it is to give opportunity to the Mozambique companies in the provinces to expand their support for cultural activities towards thereby adding value to the national artists and their artworks in other parts of the country.

 Guguiane Pachinuapa & Toni Paco, 2008  Guguiane Pachinuapa & Sebastião Matsinhe, in Cape Town, 2008

Thus this fact demonstrates that Sebastião Matsinhe, continues to find time to paint more, and give his contribution for the cultural development and also to commemorate de independence and the monumental changes taking place in his home country – Mozambique - and in the continent of Africa as a whole.