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Oberhauser's sausage was a real mountaineer's meal-tough, well-fatted, and strongly garlicked. Bits of it stuck uncomfortably between Major Smythe's teeth. He dug them out with a sliver of matchstick and spat them on the ground. Then his Intelligence-wise mind came into operation, and he meticulously searched among the stones and grass, picked up the scraps, and swallowed them. From now on he was a criminal-as much a criminal as if he had robbed a bank and shot the guard. He was a cop turned robber. He must remember that! It would be death if he didn't-death instead of Carder's. All he had to do was to take infinite pains. He would take those pains, and by God they would be infinite! Then, for ever after, he would be rich and happy. After taking ridiculously minute trouble to eradicate any sign of entry into the hut, he dragged the ammunition box to the edge of the last rock face and aiming it away from the glacier, tipped it, with a prayer, into space.

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Col. What? speak out!

But newly come from sea, sir!鈥滭strong>It was on this cheery note that Bond, on the evening of December 21st, returned to his office for a last run-through of his documentation with Mary Goodnight. His voice, more and more faltering in the utterance of these words, stopped for a few moments; then he went on: One more quotation on this sad subject may be made from a letter, dated April 12, 1889, when Miss Tucker was perplexed what to do about seeing some relatives of the unhappy apostate, who were staying with him. 鈥楤ishop French excommunicated 鈥斺€ (we do not call him Z. now), and forbade Christians having intercourse with him.... It would clearly be wrong to throw over the 鈥斺

I began to think I would put it off till tomorrow.

"They are German bars, Major. Probably from the wartime Reichsbank. This we have deduced from the fact that they contain ten percent of lead. Under the Hitler regime, it was the foolish habit of the Reichsbank to adulterate their gold in this manner. This fact rapidly became known to dealers, and the price of German bars, in Switzerland for instance, where many of them found their way, was adjusted downward accordingly. So the only result of the German foolishness was that the national bank of Germany lost a reputation for honest dealing it had earned over the centuries." The Oriental's smile didn't vary. "Very bad business, Major. Very stupid."

Another Boys鈥 School had been started in Batala, which must not be confounded with the above. The Baring High School was鈥攁nd is鈥攄istinctly for the education of Indian Christian boys. The Mission School, known later as 鈥楾he Plough,鈥欌€擬iss Tucker recognising strongly that this early stage of work in Batala could only be compared to a farmer鈥檚 ploughing of his fields,鈥攚as for Indian boys, not yet Christian. They received Christian teaching; and when a boy in the Plough School became a convert, he was passed on usually to the High School. The very starting of this 鈥楶lough School鈥 was due to Miss Tucker鈥檚 liberality. Out of her own purse she generously paid the main part of its expenses.