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The briefs tightened as she leant forward again and put her eyes to the binoculars. 'Drew a queen and a king. Meld of queens. Can meld kings with a joker. Discarding seven.' She switched off the microphone. But for the high-lights on the satin of the shawl-cut lapels, he might have been faced by the thick bust of a black-fleeced Minotaur rising out of a green grass field.

He’d left his hut at the bottom of the canyons and trekked into a town he loathed because he’dheard there was a PC with a dial-up connection in the back of a Creel candy shop. He’d learnedsome computer basics, gotten an e-mail account, and had begun sending messages to the outsideworld. And that’s where I came in; the only reason “the gringo Indio” had gotten interested when Iambushed him back at the hotel was because I told him I was a writer. Maybe an article about hisrace would actually attract some racers.

Bond said, "All right, then. Where do you want me to be?"

It may take twenty years merely to plough the hard ground in some heathen spot, and to sow the seed; and years more may pass before the first tokens of a harvest are seen. Sometimes the fuller results are the longer delayed. Mustard-seeds spring up a good deal faster than acorns.

I got to my feet and began to busy myself with the cooking. Better give them what they wanted. There must be no excuse for them to set on me.