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Bond walked deliberately round the table and took the chair next to Krebs. Those pale eyes, he noticed, after the first shock, had been fixed firmly on his plate. As Bond came up behind him he was delighted to see a large mound of Elastoplast on the crown of Krebs's head.

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The top drawer contained scale maps of the site and its component buildings and Admiralty Chart No. 1895 of the Straits of Dover. Bond laid each sheet on the bed and examined them minutely. There were traces of cigarette ash in the folds of the Admiralty chart.

鈥業 feel that I was rather ungrateful last year about Dalhousie.[269] Though I do not like the place much, it is a very great blessing to have it.鈥橖strong>The dominant, horrific figure stood away from the mantelpiece and took up his sword. 'In breeches and gaiters, broad-brimmed hat, grey coat, speckled choker,' said the waiter. "That's an unusual name. How did you come by it?"

Dozens of little gestures are used to send out sexualmessages: the tilt of the head, holding eye contact a littlelonger than normal, the angle of the hips and the handsthrough the hair. Glancing sideways is a gesture that can suggestdoubt on its own, but combined with a slight smile anda narrowing of the eyes it is a powerful gesture of flirtation.

And ours the priceless gain.

Mr Du Pont sat with his back to the hotel. Goldfinger took the seat opposite and cut the cards. Du Pont won the cut, pushed the other pack over to Goldfinger, tapped them to show they were already shuffled and he couldn't bother to cut, and Goldfinger began the deal.