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"When we meet today I toss you double or quits for it. And you win. Okay? So you now have 00 and I, a tax-paying citizen, will support your story. Here is the money." The hunchback took a wallet out of his hip-pocket and pushed ten 0 bills across the table.

‘I sometimes think that consoling is one of the most delightful employments given to God’s servants. It is pleasanter than teaching; far far more so than reproving others, or struggling against evil, or examining our own hearts. You were a comfort to poor dear ——, and I dare say that the sense of being so lightened your own trial of parting. I would give a great deal to have your influence with ——; but the Almighty has not been pleased to grant me this. Perhaps He will some day.’ 'Position your hands behind your neck.' The silky, patient voice was from the south, from the Mediterranean. It fitted with the men's faces - tough-skinned, widely pored, yellow-brown. Marseillais perhaps, or Italian. The Mafia? The faces belonged to good secret police or tough crooks. Bond's mind ticked and whirred, selecting cards like an IBM machine. What enemies had he got in those areas? Might it be Blofeld? Had the hare turned upon the hound? 'You were sent. It might have been another.' ‘Yes, a young man,’ Meidanov chimed in in confirmation.

Mr Du Pont cleared his throat. 'And now, Mr Bond, I have a proposition to put to you.' He stared at Bond, trying to gauge his reaction in advance.

鈥楯an. 31.鈥擨 sometimes think that it is well for me that I have no one to carry cushions after me,鈥攁s the dear A鈥斺€攕 made the boys do in George Square,鈥攐r to watch my face to see if I look pale. I have been enabled to make efforts, for which I might not have thought my frame capable, and have kept my health wonderfully.

Only half the tables were filled, mostly by coloured people. There was a sprinkling of British and American sailors with their girls. An immensely fat Negro in a smart white dinner jacket left one of the tables and came to meet them.