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After descending, however, till he was two or three shelves lower, it became evident that the swell of wind instruments was fuller, though still he could not tell in what direction it came. While listening to discover this, his ear caught the hum of voices. He moved on, it became more distinct; and through it he could even distinguish the very uncelestial sound of knives[255] and forks clanking on plates. Edmund, notwithstanding, felt something like a responding inward emotion; for he had not yet breakfasted, and it was now two o’clock.

The schoolroom was a pretty large hall, on the quietest side of the house, confronted by the stately stare of some half-dozen of the great urns, and commanding a peep of an old secluded garden belonging to the Doctor, where the peaches were ripening on the sunny south wall. There were two great aloes, in tubs, on the turf outside the windows; the broad hard leaves of which plant (looking as if they were made of painted tin) have ever since, by association, been symbolical to me of silence and retirement. About five-and-twenty boys were studiously engaged at their books when we went in, but they rose to give the Doctor good morning, and remained standing when they saw Mr. Wickfield and me.“Look, I got to sleep,” Caballo said. He led us over to a collection of neat, ancient cabins on theedge of town. The rooms were sparse as cells, but spotlessly clean and toasty from potbelliedstoves crackling with pine branches. Caballo mumbled something and disappeared. The rest of usdivided up into pairs. Eric and I grabbed one room, Jenn and Billy headed to another. 'Good,' said my aunt again. 'Janet, hire the grey pony and chaise tomorrow morning at ten o'clock, and pack up Master Trotwood's clothes tonight.' “Everyone is built for running,” he said.

'My dooty here, sir,' said Mr. Peggotty, 'is done. I'm a going to seek my -' he stopped, and went on in a firmer voice: 'I'm a going to seek her. That's my dooty evermore.'

Sister Lily said, "Now come along with me, you poor dears." She walked to a door in the far wall. She stopped with her hand on the cut-glass doorknob. "Oh deary me, now I've gone and forgotten the number of their rooms! It's the Cream Suite, isn't it, Sister?"

"Better keep away from this part of town," said Leiter. "Meet you outside the Plaza. Early, so we can avoid the traffic on the Parkway. Let's say nine o'clock. By the cab-stand. You know, where the horse-cabs are. Then if I'm late you can get to recognize a horse. Useful up at Saratoga."