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Marc-Ange turned doubtful, dogs' eyes on Bond. 'You promise? You would not cheat me of helping you, adding to your happiness when you allow me to?'

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"What do you mean? Are you some sort of a policeman? Are you trying to send this Chinaman to prison?" coincide with the fifth anniversary of the ex-president's resignation. I cannot say of Bulwer as I have of the other novelists whom I have named that he lived with his characters. He lived with his work, with the doctrines which at the time he wished to preach, thinking always of the effects which he wished to produce; but I do not think he ever knew his own personages — and therefore neither do we know them. Even Pelham and Eugene Aram are not human beings to us, as are Pickwick, and Colonel Newcombe, and Mrs. Poyser.

"Well, er, I've got this little villa up by Mona Dam, James." Her voice hurried. "It's got quite a nice spare room looking out over Kingston Harbour. And it's cool up there. And if you don't mind sharing a bathroom." She blushed. "I'm afraid there's no chaperone, but you know, in Jamaica, people don't mind that sort of thing."

Daresby. This is some error. By whose warrant do you dare to apprehend one of his Majesty’s subjects?

"No, who's he?"

“Talking of shooting, what have you done with that fine setter of yours, St. Aubin?” asked Lord Morven.