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It was on the next day that Bond asked to see Vesper.

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Which pillages one Part, and storms the rest.

'We shall be happy,' said Miss Clarissa, 'to see Mr. Copperfield to dinner, every Sunday, if it should suit his convenience. Our hour is three.'He paid the bill and gave a handsome tip to the sommelier. Vesper rose and led the way out of the restaurant and out on to the steps of the hotel. 'Good Heaven, aunt!' said I. 'He is nothing but a sturdy beggar.' 'It surely was providential to meet you like that at the airport.' Mr Du Font's voice was grave, sincere. 'I've never forgotten our first meeting at Royale. I recall every detail of it - your coolness, your daring, your handling of the cards.' Bond looked down at the table-cloth. But Mr Du Pont had got tired of his peroration. He said hurriedly, 'Mr Bond, I will pay you ten thousand dollars to stay here as my guest until you have discovered how this man Goldfinger beats me at cards.'

The other man converged towards him. He shouted excitedly, "For my money it's the-ing limey! Bet ya he's lying up in the mangrove. Mind he doesn't give us a-ing ambush." The man took the gun out of its holster and put it under his armpit and kept his hand on the butt.

When you're watching TV one evening, note theeye color of as many people as possible and saythe name of the color to yourself. The next day,do the same with every person you meet, lookinghim or her straight in the eye.