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'Thank you!' He took out his pocket-handkerchief, and began wiping the palms of his hands. 'Miss Agnes, Master Copperfield -' 'Well, Uriah?'

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My Clara; thou canst not believe him false

TO MISS 鈥楲EILA鈥 HAMILTON. 鈥極ct. 15, 1886.鈥擭ow I will tell you about a visit which I paid yesterday to a Zenana, where the Bibi used to be very bigoted. Yesterday I came on her husband, a grave, middle-aged man. So he heard what I had to say. Then he asked me to give him a picture of Christ. Very strict Muhammadans object to pictures; but he wanted one of the Saviour. I, as a rule, never give pictures, though I show them; but I happened to have three small pictures, cut out from periodicals,鈥攏ot coloured,鈥攁nd I felt impelled to grant the grave man鈥檚 request. I let him choose. He took the copy of the famous picture鈥攊s it not Leonardo da Vinci鈥檚?鈥攐f the Blessed One, crowned with thorns, and put it carefully by in a paper. Will that suffering, pathetic Face speak to the Muhammadan鈥檚 heart? N. is no unlearned man. He told me that he had been our K. B.鈥檚 teacher. 鈥淲ere you angry with K. B.?鈥 I asked,鈥攎eaning for becoming a Christian! The grave man quietly replied in the negative.鈥

Of course I was in love with little Em'ly. I am sure I loved that baby quite as truly, quite as tenderly, with greater purity and more disinterestedness, than can enter into the best love of a later time of life, high and ennobling as it is. I am sure my fancy raised up something round that blue-eyed mite of a child, which etherealized, and made a very angel of her. If, any sunny forenoon, she had spread a little pair of wings and flown away before my eyes, I don't think I should have regarded it as much more than I had had reason to expect.

'You will have the ninja outfit. It is here. You have seen how it is used. You will use it. It is very simple.'

Bond looked across the table at the girl. "Thank you," he said. "You deal beautifully."

If there's nothing fresh and exciting for it tofocus on, it becomes distracted and wanders off insearch of something more compelling—deadlines, footballor world peace.