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'I don't mean, you silly fellow, that you should use the name instead of Dora. I only mean that you should think of me that way. When you are going to be angry with me, say to yourself, "it's only my child-wife!" When I am very disappointing, say, "I knew, a long time ago, that she would make but a child-wife!" When you miss what I should like to be, and I think can never be, say, "still my foolish child-wife loves me!" For indeed I do.'

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And what about the girl, this pretty, authoritarian joker that had suddenly been faced in the deal? What in hell was she about? What about this golf story? Bond got up and went to the telephone booth at the back of the room. He got on to the Journal de Geneve and through to the sports editor. The man was helpful, but surprised at Bond's question. No. The various championships were of course played in the summer when the other national programmes were finished and it was possible to lure a good foreign entry to Switzerland. It was the same with all other European countries. They liked to bring in as many British and American players as possible. It increased the gates. 'Pas de quoi, monsieur.'

All you will need at your disposal is your attitude,your appearance, your body, your facial expressions,your eyes, the tone and rhythms of your voice, your talentfor structuring words into engaging conversationand your about-to-be-revealed gift for discoveringanother person's favorite sense. Add to this an ability tolisten to and observe other people and a very large helpingof curiosity. No gadgets, no appliances, no aphrodisiacs,no pills, no checkbook, no big stick. Just thewonderful gifts you were born with—and your heartwarmingdesire for the company of other people.'Growed, Mas'r Davy bor'? Ain't he growed!' said Ham. "What the devil are you talking about, 007? Explain yourself." Quarrel whispered, "Gawd, cap'n! What's dat fearful ting?"

2. Inebriant. Symptoms: excitement of cerebral functions and of circulation; loss of coordination and muscular movements; double vision; then sleep and deep coma.

But for the moment, the grumble of my stomach and the aroma of Clarita’s breakfast managed topush those thoughts aside. Clarita served up big plates of huevos rancheros, the fried eggssmothered in homemade salsa and freshly chopped cilantro and sitting atop thick, hand-pattedtortillas. The food was too delicious to wolf down, so we lingered, refilling our coffee a few timesbefore getting up to go. Eric and I followed Scott’s example and tucked an extra tortilla in ourpockets for later.

She put out a tentative hand, as if for reassurance that she had done the right thing. Bond took it and patted it absent-mindedly while his mind chewed on this new complication. He said, "The man's here all right. So's a gunman called Scaramanga. You might as well know, Mary, that Scaramanga killed Ross. In Trinidad." She put her hand up to her mouth. "You can report it as a fact, from me. If I can get you out of here, that is. As for Hendriks, he's here all right, but he doesn't seem to have identified me for certain. Did H.Q. say whether he was given a description of me?"