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You'll need a partner to work with. Stand about eightfeet apart, facing each other like two gunfighters in acowboy movie. As you say "Hi!" clap your hands togetherand slide your right hand off and past the other in thedirection of your partner. Gather up all the energy youcan throughout your body and store it in your heart, thenclap the energy on through your right hand (the one youuse in a handshake) straight into the other person'sheart. This is a long explanation for something that takesno more than two seconds, but when all six channels—body, heart, eyes, smile, clap and voice/breath—are firedat the person in a rapid flash there is a vast transferof energy.

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'You are a pig,' she said indignantly. 'We've got so much to talk about and all you think about is drink.'Get the duty M.O. up right away. Come along, girl! Don't just stand there gawking! And not a word of this to anyone. Understood?" G.H.P. Sister Rose was just as much put out. Hastily, she scrabbled in a drawer and handed a key across to Sister Lily who, with much cooing and tut-tutting, unlocked the two pairs of handcuffs and walked behind the desk and dropped them as if they were dirty bandages into the wastepaper basket. But my book, though it was right in its views on this subject — and wrong in none other as far as I know — was not a good book. I can recommend no one to read it now in order that he may be either instructed or amused — as I can do that on the West Indies. It served its purpose at the time, and was well received by the public and by the critics.

501 took off his thick spectacles and polished them on a none too clean handkerchief. ' I don't get the object of the exercise, sir. It seems perfectly above-board - praiseworthy, in fact, if we didn't know what we do know about Blofeld. Technically, what he has done is this. He has obtained ten, or rather eleven, counting the one that's left the place, suitable subjects for deep hypnosis. These are all simple girls from the country. It is significant that the one called Ruby had failed her GCE twice. They seem to suffer, and there's no reason to believe that they don't, from certain fairly common forms of allergy. We don't know the origins of their allergies and these are immaterial. They are probably psychosomatic - the adverse reaction to birds is a very common one, as is the one brought on by cattle. The reactions to crops and plants are less common. Blofeld appears to be attempting cures of these allergies by hypnosis, and not only cures, but a pronounced affinity with the cause of the allergy in place of the previous repulsion. In the case of Ruby, for instance, she is told, in the words of the report, to "love" chickens, to wish to "improve their breed" and so forth. The mechanical means of the cure are, in practice, simple. In the twilight stage, on the edge of sleep - the sharp ringing of the bell would waken those who were already asleep - the use of the metronome exactly on the pulse-beat, and the distant whirring noise, are both common hypnotic aids. The singsong, authoritative murmur is the usual voice of the hypnotist. We have no knowledge of what lectures these girls attended or what reading they did, but we can assume that these were merely additional means to influence the mind in the path desired by Blofeld. Now, there is plenty of medical evidence for the efficacy of hypnosis. There are well-authenticated cases of the successful treatment by these means of such stubborn disabilities as warts, certain types of asthma, bed-wetting, stammering, and even alcoholism, drug-taking, and homosexual tendencies. Although the British Medical Association frowns officially on the practitioners of hypnosis, you would be surprised, sir, to know how many doctors themselves, as a last resort, particularly in cases of alcoholism, have private treatment from qualified hypnotists. But this is by the way. All I can contribute to this discussion is that Blofeld's ideas are not new and that they can be completely efficacious.'

Bond groaned inwardly and looked across to see how she had taken it.