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鈥楽he does love the boys, and is in her element among them; and they have one and all a chivalrous admiration for her. These years in India have taught her some things, I can see. Formerly her purse was open to every one; now she has the same generous spirit, guided by caution and experience. This winter鈥檚 painful lessons in the fallibility of our best Native Christians have been to her a very sore discipline, and to us too; but it is really safer for us all to know exactly how far we dare trust, than to be thinking those saints who are very far from it.鈥橖/p>

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'Your family'll be pleased.'

"Oh, no. She's got to have all the usual things that all women have." Bond examined her. "Gold hair. Grey eyes. A sinful mouth. Perfect figure. And of course she's got to make lots of funny jokes and know how to dress and play cards and so forth. The usual things."Bond had hardly turned over on his right side, up against the soft flanks of the sleeping girl, when, from underneath the pillow, under the floor, deep in the bowels of the building, there came the peremptory ringing of a deep-toned, melodious electric bell. The girl stirred. She said sleepily, 'Oh, damn!' 'Now,' he turned back to the menu, 'I myself will accompany Mademoiselle with the caviar, but then I would like a very small tournedos, underdone, with sauce Béarnaise and a coeur d'artichaut. While Mademoiselle is enjoying the strawberries, I will have half an avocado pear with a little French dressing. Do you approve?'

This chapter can hardly be better closed than by quoting Miss Tucker鈥檚 descriptive lines as to the necessary qualifications for a 鈥楳ission Miss Sahiba,鈥 already alluded to. They were written at Amritsar, as early as the year 1876:鈥

Establishing rapport in 90 seconds or less withanother person or group, be it in a social or communitysetting or with a business audience or even in a packedcourtroom, can be intimidating for many people. It hasalways amazed me that in this most fundamental of alllife skills, we've been given little or no training. You areabout to discover that you already possess many of theabilities needed for making natural connections withother people—it's just that you were never aware ofthem before.

Watch His earthly prison!

Bond's eyes were tender as he walked towards her and put an arm round her waist and hugged her to him. "Gala, you're a darling," he said simply. "And if there's any other way we'll take it. But," he looked at his watch, "it's past midnight and we've to decide quickly. At any moment it may occur to Drax to send guards down to see that we're all right, and God knows what time he'll be coming down to set the gyros."