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"That's what you think," said the Chief of Staff. "But the point is that those are only the ones you see. There are better ones behind them, and still better ones behind those. Look at narcotics. Ten million addicts. Where do they get the stuff from? Look at gambling-legitimate gambling. Two hundred and fifty million dollars a year is the take at Las Vegas. Then there are the undercover games at Miami and Chicago and so on. All owned by the gangs and their friends. A few years ago, Buggsy Siegel got the back of his head blown off because he wanted too much of the take from the Las Vegas operation. And he was tough enough. These are big operations. Do you realize gambling's the biggest single industry in America? Bigger than steel. Bigger than motor cars? And they take damned good care to keep it running smoothly. Get hold of a copy of the Kefauver Report if you don't believe me. And now these diamonds. Six million dollars a year is good money, and you can bet your life it'll be well protected." The Chief of Staff paused. He looked impatiently up at the tall figure in the dark blue single-breasted suit and into the obstinate eyes in the lean, brown face. "Perhaps you haven't read the FBI Report on American Crime for this year. Interesting. Just thirty-four murders every day. Nearly 150,000 Americans criminally killed in the last twenty years." Bond looked incredulous. "It's a fact, damn you. Get hold of these Reports and see for yourself. And that's why M wanted to make sure you were fit before he put you into the pipeline. You're going to take those gangs on. And you'll be by yourself. Satisfied:1"

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"That's about it," he said slowly. "I don't know much more than you do. A wonderful story. Extraordinary man." He paused, reflecting. "There's only one thing…" M. tapped the stem of his pipe against his teeth. I got to my feet and began to busy myself with the cooking. Better give them what they wanted. There must be no excuse for them to set on me. Bond sat back. "Any interest, Doctor No?"

Bond said, 'Tell Mother I died game,' and walked into the little box and the door was closed behind him. There was a row of buttons by the desk and the guard pressed one of them. There came a barely perceptible whine and Bond got the impression of descent. So the room was a lift. What a box of tricks the formidable Tiger had erected as a screen for himself! The authentic Eastern nest of boxes. What next?

Meade, Helen Gurley Brown and Ira Gershwin. Then there were the

As Scaramanga's gaze swept by him without a flicker, Bond blessed the darkness of his suit-a black patch of shadow among so many others. In the sharp blacks and whites from the midday sun, Bond was well camouflaged.

All of a sudden she stiffened. Her fork fell with a clatter on to the edge of her plate and then noisily off the table on to the terrace.