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'If you have any opportunity of sending letters home, on your passage, Mrs. Micawber,' said my aunt, 'you must let us hear from you, you know.'

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A pause, a bang of the hammer, a look of sincere reproach towards the ringside seats where the big money sat. "Folks, this two-year-old is too cheap. I'm selling more winning colt for this amount of money than I've sold all summer long. Now, eight thousand seven hundred and who'll give me nine? Where's nine, nine, nine?" (The mummified hand in the rings and bracelets took the gold-and-bamboo pencil out of the bag and scribbled a calculation on the programme which Bond could see said '34th Annual Saratoga Yearling Sales. No 201. A Bay Colt." Then the leaden eyes of the woman looked across the silver ropes into the electric eyes of the horse and she raised the gold pencil) "And nine thousand is bid nine wilt yer give me ten will yer do it? Any increase on nine thousand do I hear nine one nine one nine one?" (A pause and a last questing look round the crammed white seats and then a bang of the hammer.) "Sold for nine thousand dollars. Thank you, ma'am." Doomed to the flames as execrable trash — (2) I accepted the assignment with, if you will recall, reluctance. It seemed to me, and I so expressed myself at the time, that this was purely an investigatory matter which could well have been handled, using straightforward police methods, by other sections of the Service - local Stations, allied foreign secret services and Interpol. My objections were overruled, and for close on twelve months I have been engaged all over the world in routine detective work which, in the case of every scrap of rumour, every lead, has proved abortive. I have found no trace of this man nor of a revived SPECTRE, if such exists. As Bond swung the Bentley through the crowded streets of Maidstone he reflected that Vallance's gift had come from twenty years of avoiding the corns of MI5, of working in with the uniformed branch of the police, and of handling ignorant politicians and affronted foreign diplomats.

"It's late.""I've had enough.""Look at me.""Where were you born?"To check your tonality, find a friend and say one or twoof these phrases. See if your friend can tell you which ofthe four feelings you're expressing. If it's not obvious, keepworking at it until it's clear.

In the end I had to say, "I'm sorry, but have we metbefore?""No," she replied seriously. Then she stood up at her

Bond was mistaken. Scaramanga did not snarl. He barely looked up from the cut-off length of snake in his two hands and, his mouth full of meat, said, "You've been a long while coming. Care to share my meal?"

Her star vehicle this fall is an early 19th-century opera, Il Turco In Italia (The Turk in Italy), written by Gioacchino Rossini prior to his masterpiece, The Barber of Seville.