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Tiffy reached out a hand and timidly touched his sleeve. "Go careful over there, Mister Mark. There's gangster money in that place. And watch out for yourself." She jerked her head towards the exit: "That's the worstest man I ever heard tell of."M ignored the comment. "And his number two, this girl Trueblood, Mary Trueblood. Ever come across her?" "Here it comes," said Bond. The auctioneer raised his voice and there was a hush in the room. "And now, ladies and gentlemen," he said impressively. "We come to the 64,ooo-dollar question. Who is going to bid me ?100 for the choice of High or Low Field? We all know what that means-the option to choose the High Field, which I seem to feel may be the popular choice this evening (laughter) in view of the wonderful weather outside. So who will open the bidding with ?100 for the choice of High or Low Field?" In the November of 1887 the small Star-Dispensary was opened by Dr. Weitbrecht, for Miss Dixie. She had undergone some training in England; and though not 鈥榪ualified,鈥 she had it in her power to do much more for the women and children of the neighbourhood than their own people could do for them. Many objections have been made to the idea of a Dispensary anywhere, without a properly qualified doctor; and no doubt as soon as possible the latter should in all cases be supplied. But where a doctor cannot be had, then in default of what is better, a trained nurse can do a great deal to help, in ordinary cases of sickness or accident. The reception given to this little Dispensary soon showed how much it was valued. "No bid," said M. apparently unperturbed. "Double." The word came viciously out of Drax's mouth. He put down his hand and looked cruelly, scornfully at this tipsy oaf who had at last, inexplicably, fallen into his hands. "That mean you double the side-bets too?" asked Bond. "Yes," said Drax greedily. "Yes. That's what I meant."

???While Flatt'rers, like himself, with short-liv'd Fame,

Not to meander myself, at present, I will go back to my birth.