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With his commitments as chairman of One to One, his heavy travel schedule for 20/20, and his new daily commentary on ABC Radio, Rivera likes to spend free evenings at home with his wife Sheri at their apartment near Lincoln Center. A Westsider since 1975, he names the Ginger Man and the Cafe des Artistes as his favorite dining spots.

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As closing day came nearer, there was a good deal of talk on the telephone between the Phanceys and Mr. Sanguinetti in Troy, and on the eleventh Mrs. Phancey told me casually that she and Jed would be leaving for Troy on the thirteenth and would I mind staying in charge that night and handing over the keys to Mr. Sanguinetti, who would be coming up finally to close the place around noon on the fourteenth?Brian and his wife Victoria have two children. Mimi, his daughter from a previous marriage, is a member of the Pennsylvania Ballet Company. Between acting assignments, says Keith with affection, he spends most of his time "raising the damn kids. It's a 24-hour job. We do a lot of outdoor stuff, because in Hawaii you can, all year round. We go on the beach and camp out and all that crap." There are hundreds of secret inks, but there was only one available to Bond, the oldest one in the world, his own urine. He went into the bathroom (what must the televising eye think of his digestive tracts?) with his pen, a clean nib, and his passport. Then he sat down and proceeded to transcribe, from the flimsy pieces of paper in his pocket on, to a blank page of his passport, the names and approximate locations by county of the girls. The page showed nothing. Held in front of a flame, the writing would come up brown. He slipped the passport into his hip-pocket. Next he took the gloves from under his sweater, tried them on, and found them an adequate but tight fit, took the top off the lavatory cistern and laid the gloves along the arm of the stop-cock. He got up from his chair and picked up his coat. He put on the coat and at the same time put on his mind. He had been dozing in his bunk. Now he had to go up on the bridge. He walked through into the connecting office and resisted the impulse to ruffle up the inviting nape of Mary Goodnight's golden neck.

'It's horrible,' she said. 'The things they did to you. And it was all my fault. If only . . .'

Most people think in terms of what they don't wantas opposed to what they do want, and their attitudesreflect this. "I don't want my boss yelling at me anymore"comes with a whole different attitude than "1 wantmy boss's job" or "I want to be promoted." Similarly, "I'msick of selling neckties all day long" sends a completelydifferent attitude and set of signals to your imaginationthan does "I want to run a charter fishing boat in HoneyHarbor."Your imagination is the strongest force that youpossess—stronger than willpower. Think about it. Yourimagination projects sensory experiences in your mindthrough the language of pictures, sounds, feelings,smells and tastes. Your imagination distorts reality. Itcan work for you or against you. It can make you feel38terrific or miserable. So the better the information youcan feed into your imagination, the better it can organizeyour thinking and your attitudes and ultimately your life.

  13The GreetingWe call the first few seconds of contact the "greeting."Greetings are broken into five parts: Open—Eye—Beam—Hi!—Lean. These five actions constitute a welcomingprogram to carry out in a first encounter.