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"Sit down and play the maximum, that's a Grand, five times. Then get up and quit the table. And don't gamble any more. D'you hear me?"

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She said reluctantly, "Well, if you think… I mean-I'd rather get clean first." She added quickly, "But you've got to help me." She jerked her head towards the bathroom door. Bond smiled tightly. 'That's right.'

'I am sure it is for me, sir,' I said. 'I am so glad to be here.'

At this stage the Lord Mayor of London made a radio appeal by loud speakers in the streets, urging the World Police to retire, and the people to go home. Meanwhile the metropolitan unarmed police, who were popular with the London crowds, were sent out to all the danger spots and coolly took charge of their rather weary fellow citizens. Seeing that the mobs were now well in hand, the armed police retired.