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'And that we shall do,' said I, 'be sure!'

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Bond looked at his watch. 11.45. Hurry up, damn you, he thought.

A nervous bay came chassying into the ring with the number 201 pasted carelessly on his rump. The harsh chant began. "I'm bid six thousand now seven thousand will yer? I'm bid seven thousand and three and four and five only seven and a half for this good-looking colt by Tehran, eight thousand thank you sir and nine will yer do it? Eight thousand five hundred I am bid will yer give me nine eight five will yer give me nine and six and seven and who'll bid the big figure?"Chapter 1 A Really Useful Attitude Looking over what I had wrote, I remember I did not like it; for instead of praising what they had sent me, as it deserv'd, giving them Thanks, begging them to continue the same Favour to me and the World, I, in an uncouth, disobliging Manner, oppos'd their Ingenuity; by which I very little deserved any more such agreeable Entertainments. Moreover, casting an Eye on the other Poem, which I had wrote but a Day or two before, in which I had kindly treated and cajol'd my Muse; and then again on my Friends witty Epistle; so that between these Three, my Thoughts danc'd the Hay, like the Sun and Moon in the Rehearsal, and thereby made an Eclipse in my Resolution. But as I have heard, that in some Countries they go with Pans and Kettles, and therewith make a Noise; whether to wake the Sun out of his imagin'd Sleep, or raise him from the Dead, I know not: But, in like manner, a hasty Knocking at the Door of the Leads; disappointed this my Ecliptick Dance. I speedily open'd the Door, and there found a Gentlewoman of a graceful Mien and genteel Dress: She hastily rush'd in, and begg'd me to fasten the Door, and then to introduce her to the Gentlewoman of the House: To which I consented, and so descended with her to my Landlady's Apartment, where we found her, together with my Mother. After I had inform'd them of the Adventure of her coming over the Leads, in at the Garret-Door, they courteously receiv'd her, and desir'd to know wherein they cou'd be further serviceable. 'You speak German?' The tongue flicked out and licked the blisters. 'You an't cross, I suppose, Peggotty, are you?' said I, after sitting quiet for a minute.

Bond made a quick guess at how much the bindings would need adjustment to fit his boots and went off down the corridor to his room.

James Bond crammed the third day with an almost lunatic program of museums, art galleries, the zoo, and a film, hardly perceiving anything he looked at, his mind's eye divided between the girl and those four black squares and the black tube and the unknown man behind it-the man he was now certainly going to kill tonight.


His Lawrel hail, as he the Regal Crown,